Top 10 Sports of America!

Here is a list of popular and most watched sports in America. Top 10 most popular sports of America.

  1. Badminton

This game is more popular in china, Denmark, Malaysia, and Indonesia as compared to United States. But still this sports comes in the list of 10 most famous sport in country.

  1. Motor Sports

This sports is at 9th spot when it comes to the most popular sports list. This sports also include motorcycle racing and auto car. The biggest organization in America is NASCAR. All the races in USA is organized by NASCAR. After football the 2nd most watched sports of America is Motor Sports.

  1. Wrestling

Another popular sport in America is Pro-Wrestling. All the Wrestling that is organized under World Wrestling Entertainment is highly supported and followed by people of USA. Some of the popular wrestlers of WWE are The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, and Undertaker etc.

  1. Golf

Golf is placed at 7th spot in the list of most famous sports in America. Tiger Woods is the most popular Golf player in America. Golf is also at the 8th sport when it comes to most popular sports in the entire world.

  1. Tennis

After Golf, the next sport that is most popular in USA is Tennis. Tennis is played both by Women and Man. Some popular superstars of Tennis are Serena Williams, Andy Roddick, and Venus Williams etc. These players are inspiration for young generation of America. USA has a great record in Tennis.

  1. Soccer

Soccer is the 5th most famous Sport in USA. Soccer is not as popular as other sports such as Football, Basketball, Ice-Hockey, and Baseball Etc. but still lot of people of America watch this sports with great passion.

  1. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is most popular in Northern America especially in Canada and Europe. NHL is the most popular and highest level for men’s hockey. The first medal won by America was in Winter Olympics. Ice Hockey is one of the most popular indoor sport of America.

  1. Basketball

After Baseball and Football, the most popular sport of USA is Basketball. Not only in USA, but basketball is highly popular in the entire world. It is the 3rd most famous sport of America. All the competitions of Basketball in USA is organized under NBA.

  1. Baseball

Baseball is the 2nd most exciting and popular sports in USA and 7th most famous in the entire world. It is also popularly known as national pastime of USA. The competition of Baseball in America is divided in two levels.

Major league Baseball

Minor league Baseball

  1. American Football

American Football is the most popular sport of America. It tops the list of most popular sports in USA. It occupies the 9th sport when it comes to the most popular sports in the entire world. All the Football Competition in America is organized under National Football League. This Sport is so popular in USA that thousands of people visits stadium so that they can watch Football Game Live.