10 Best Restaurants in U.S. for Food & Wine

Nowadays, lot of people are looking for new restaurant where they can put on their bucket list. The magazine for epicureans is owned by Time Inc. It has listed 10 most thrilling restaurants in America.

Here is a list of 10 most exciting restaurants in America.

  1. Brewer’s Table at Surly Brewing, Minneapolis

This is one of the best restaurants for people to eat food and drink Wine. It is situated across the country. People can comfortably sit and eat their food without any problem. Brewer’s Table is one of the satisfying restaurantS in USA.

  1. Cala San Francisco

Gabriela Camara is the chef of this restaurant. He is doing some unconventional things at this restaurant. First of all, he is making tamales along with sea urchin. He is also making trout tostadas and leek relish with fried leeks. But, the best dish made by him, is the abalone with sea beans.

  1. Death & Taxes , Raleigh, North Carolina

Ashley Christensen is the chef of this restaurant. She uses the trick of live-fire cooking. By this trick, Ashley grills the main ingredients. After grilling, the food becomes very tasty and the demand of grilled food is increasing day by day. At this restaurant, customer enjoy themselves by eating grilled food along with chilled beer.

  1. High Street on Hudson, New York City

If anyone wants to spend his full day at single restaurant then the best place would be High Street on Hudson because it provides some of the most incredible dishes to its customers.

  1. Launderette, Austin

The chef of this restaurant is Rene Ortiz who like other chef is a big lover of hyperbole. Everything that he cooks is very tasty and is appreciated by every customer that eats his food.

  1. Locol, Los Angels

This is restaurant is located in L.A. There are trained, qualified chef and staffs that are running this restaurant. The ingredients used by this restaurant is of top quality such as Creamery milk of Stratus Family. But, the best feature of this restaurant is that after using top quality material the price of food is very cheap. Customer can eat food at this restaurant at very low prices.

  1. Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio Chicago

The chef of this restaurant is Sarah Greueneberg and she cooks food outside the boundaries of restaurant kitchen. She has a table called Pastificio where she and her staff make one of the delicious pasta in the entire country.

  1. Shaya, New Orleans

It is one of the best restaurants of America. The food and wine of this restaurant is mind blowing.

  1. The Dabney, Washington, D.C.

Chef Jeremiah Langhorne is one of the greatest chef of all time and has been providing its services to Dabney Restaurant from a very long time.

  1. Townsman, Boston

Matt Jennings is the chef of this restaurant. He is one of the greatest chef of all time and of all the dishes that he has made; the best one is Grande Plateau.