Find Best Sports Bars Near Me Now

Your favorite sports game is just around the corner, but you are so busy with work that you can’t spare time and go to faraway places for watching your favorite sport. We all get disheartened when we fail to do the things or look at the games we love. We always wish that we could be at two places at one moment so that we do not have to miss either of the things. Nevertheless, if you want to watch your favorite sports in a different way, then you must look for sports bars near me.
These sports bars make sure that you enjoy your game in the best environment. You can watch the latest telecast of any sports event in the sports bar. And these bars also have various other facilities such as socializing, eating and drinking. You can spend an excellent time while watching the game as it has the bar and restaurant both in it.With the help of this article, you will get to know about the best Top 20 bars in the major cities of U.S.A. (United States of America) near your location. We will list some of the best sports bars near you. We hope that this detailed guide will be helpful to you to find out the best sports bar near your city.

Sports Bar
Sports Bar

Let’s find a Sports Bar with the help of Map:

We also provide you with another great facility which makes it a lot easier for you to find a decent sports bar near your location. You can just go through the map, and you will be able to find some cool sports bars in your city. What you have to do is to open your GPS location then it will automatically tell you about the nearest place around you. It is a very useful service provided by us.

Watching the Game in Sports Bar is far more enjoyable:

We all know that sports lovers are crazy they can just do anything look at the match. They are completely freaked out people who just want to watch their favorite game anyhow. And when sports season like Olympics or Common Wealth Games are round the corner then they go crazy. Olympics games happen once in four years and when it happen people just do not want to miss it. All the players from all over the world try their best to secure a position by displaying their best performances.
But not everyone is that lucky that they get a chance to see these players playing live. We all know that watching our favorite players live is the best thing for a sports lover. But what to do when you cannot watch them live? Are you going to watch it at your home on television? No, this will completely spoil your game as there are so many disturbances at your place. They will never let you be in peace to watch your game. So it is a complete no.

That’s the main reason that most of the people prefer going to Sports Bars for watching their game. There is no doubt that these bars are in trend these days. The youth is attracted towards it because of the fun deals it offers while watching the game. And only a sports lover know that watching a game with another sports lover is so much fun, they connect so easily and can enjoy to the fullest. And the bar offers you with quite good deals of snacks and beers so that your sports become more fun and cheery.
All those people who are very fond of socializing love to go to such bars. There they can find people who have same interests or likings, and disliking’s in the game. There you can meet new people, and some of them really become good friends. And there is a chance that you might get lucky and gets an opportunity to meet your loved one.

We wanted to help you in the best way we can by providing you with the list of Top 20 such bars in the various cities of America. We have done a great search for several days and then we have compiled up these 20 top bars for you. In this list you will also be able to know about sports bar and grill near me as this list contains top 20 ultimate bars.

Legend Sports Bar (Long Beach, California)

It is a sports bar which is the unique Sports Bar located in Long Beach, California. This bar is quite old as it was first opened up in 1970. Two people opened up this bar together they are John Morris and Dennis Harrah. You must know that Dennis Harrah is the same lineman who played Los Angeles Rams where he appeared very offensive in his character. And John Morris was a businessman who runs a local business. In 1970’s, people loved to visit this café a set was considered to be one of the prime sports bars because they started a new way of showing the sports to people. They broadcasted live sports by making a grateful use of satellite technology. And till date, it is one of the best sports cafés, and it is a must go bar for all the sports lovers.

ESPN Zone (Anaheim, CA)

It is a great sports bar which is worth the visit. If you are living in Anaheim, CA then you just have to search for sports bar near my location and the name of ESPN Zone will appear as it is just the best. It has unique features in structure and designs both. It also has a dining room which has an exclusive seating arrangement. It just gives you the feel that as if you are sitting in a stadium and watching your most favorite sport. They have done a nice job in replicating Vegas Sportsbook experience. If you are visiting Disneyland Resort then you must visit ESPN Zone too as it is worth the watch. There is a giant high definition TV and on both side of it there are HD Monitors. They display each and every detail related to the game. You will not regret even a bit after visiting this sports bar situated in Anaheim, CA.
Houndstooth Pub (New York, NY)
It is the nearest sports bar to the New York City. It is a different kind of pub. It is somewhat based on Irish nature. Here you will be able to find very different kind of items such as quintessential that is the reason it is also referred to as a gastropub. The thing which makes the Houndstooth Pub stand out from other sports bar is that it very spacious when compared to other sports bars. And it also has a very comfortable and unique seating facility. This pub is the choice of all the people whether they are youngsters or office workers. Most of the workers also like to hang out in this pub for spending some quality time after work. It has a nice crowd so it is preferred to be a great socializing hub. Houndstooth Pub will not disappoint you if you are a sports lover.

Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum (Kanas City, Mo)

It is the best sports restaurants. And it is one of the most preferred places which are the choice of every sports enthusiast. Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum in Kanas City, Mo is an aged establishment for sports lovers. Sports fans consider this place as a Mecca for them because it has the huge and wide collection of moments which are memorable in sports history. It is said that you can find such sports stuff here which is very hard to find at some other place. If you would like to see baseballs which are autographed then you must visit this place as this place has many such baseballs. It is one of the pioneer restaurant and Museum which was opened almost 28 years ago. All the people who are interested in knowing sports history must visit this place as they will fall in love with Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum.

Katy Trail Ice House (Dallas, TX)

If you are looking for sports bars nearby Dallas, TX then I must tell you that Katy Trail Ice House is the best sports bars here in Dallas. The best thing about this sports bar or you can say Ice House is that here you will find people of all ages. It has a massive beer garden for beer lovers and also serves you with different kind of snacks. When we talk about space then there is no doubt that it is very spacious and has high definition screens which are humongous. You will have a great experience watching your sport in this sports bar.

Chatham Tap (Indianapolis)

This is the right place for all the soccer fans. We all know that Soccer is not that popular in America as other sports. That was the main reason why this sports bar was started as there has to be a place for the soccer lovers too. Sports is a sport whether it is basketball or soccer, it does not matter. At this place, you can enjoy beers and snacks from other countries too like Belgium and England. This bar displays all the soccer tournaments and all the live matches of much seen English Premier League. Thus place is always crowded with lots and lots of soccer fans. And you just cannot imagine how jammed this place is when the world cup is going on or European championship or any other important tournament of Soccer. The best thing about Chatham is that it gives you the best experience just like some foreign pub in spite of being in Indianapolis.

Bar 508 (Minneapolis)

If you love enjoying different sports then you must visit this Bar 508 whenever you pay a visit to Minneapolis, just spare a little more time and come to Bar 508. Believe me, and you will have the best experience of watching sports as this place offers you with a lot of things.

Ainsworth (New York)

If you love sports and food both then you must come to Ainsworth, New York as it is the right place for all the sports and food lovers. This is a sports bar which offers you the best quality of food and also has a wide range of varieties. As they believe that a sports bar should have good food too so that people who love both the things visit their bar.

Chickie’s & Pete’s (Philadelphia)

It is the favorite place for all the sports enthusiasts as it is one of the best sports bars. If you visit Philadelphia then do not miss out visiting Chickie’s & Pete’s as if you will miss it then you will regret it. In spite of being a sports bar, they have their unique signature dish. Thus is the reason which makes this sports bar stand out from other bars.

Quality Athletics (Seattle, WA)

If you are a sports lover, then this sports bar should be on the top list of the sports bars you want to visit. When you are in Seattle, and you are looking for a sports bar, then you just have to look for best sports bar near me and the name which will appear is Quality Athletics.

Bourbon Pub (Santa Clara)

The best thing about this bar is that it is located at a unique location that is Levi’s Stadium. This bar is known for its amazing delicious food and big TV screens which make watching the sports even more fun. And if you visit Bourbon Pub in Santa Clara then do not forget to eat nachos as they make the best Nachos in Santa Clara.

Sluggers World Class Sports Bar & Grill (Chicago, IL)

This is the favorite sports bar of every sports enthusiast as it has an extensive game room, indoor batting cages and end number of TVs. And they have the most exclusive menu when it comes to sports bar they do not offer much variety but this is the place which has an exciting menu as it has sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and lot more.

Lagasse’s Stadium (Las Vegas)

We all want to visit Las Vegas but make sure that whenever you get a chance to visit this place, you also visit this amazing sports bar that is Lagasse’s Stadium. If you are in Las Vegas and you want to watch sports then this is the best sports bar. It has a delightful atmosphere which makes watching sports more enjoyable and comfortable.

Stadium View Bar and Grill (Green Bay, Wis.)

This is a unique sports bar which provides comfortable seating for the sports lovers as they provide you with a nice experience of watching the game while sitting in a pub and eating a snack on high-quality definition TV.

Don & Charlie’s (Scottsdale, Ariz)

This bar is very different from other sports bar as it is not a typical sports bar in real. The most amazing thing about them is they have an exclusive wine list for sports lovers.

Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill (Boston, MA)

This bar is very close to the Fenway Stadium. It is a gigantic sports bar which almost has 30 HD TVs in it. It makes watching the play even more playful. You must pay a visit to this sports bar if you are in Boston.

Jackson’s (Denver, Colorado)

It is one of the largest sports bars in Colorado. The thing which makes this bar stand out from all other sports bar is that it has an outdoor and rooftop patio on every Sunday. They offer their Sunday fans with a great deal such as food, drink, Tv and a lot more. So if you are a sports enthusiast and spends a Sunday in Boston, then you must visit this amazing bar.

STATS (Atlanta)

It offers you with lovely food, and it has many small TVs which are placed across your table.
Fox Sports Midwest Live (St. Louis, Missouri, Inside Ballpark Village)
This bar is known for offering you with sports entertainment of 2 levels. It also has a retractable glass roof which is 100 foot long in size. They give you the best buzzing experience with live bands.

The Cubby Bear (Chicago)

This is a very nice sports bar locate near the busy street from Wrigley Field. They offer beers and Chicago style Hot Dog to the sports fans.

True North Tavern (San Diego, California)

This bar is known for its unique features like it has widescreen televisions. It has 25 such TVs. It is a highly recommended sports bar for all the football lovers as it creates an atmosphere where you can feel football at 360 degrees.

We hope that this detailed guide of 20 top best sports bars will be useful to you in finding out the nearest sports bar to your location. And if you are not in the areas which are listed above then you just have to search for sports bars near me now and a list will appear, and you will be able to find a nearest sports bar to your location.